Chiron Massage & Reiki, LLC

Specializing in therapeutic and animal massage

Working together with you & your veterinarian to provide quality therapeutic care
for both you  &  your animal family members.

Welcome to Chiron Massage & Reiki!  We specialize in therapeutic and animal massages.  We are open by appointment only Tuesday through Saturday.  Early evening appointments are available.  All massages for people are offered in our office, and all massages for animals are performed at either your veterinarian's office or farm/zoo under veterinary supervision as required by Wisconsin law.

As an equestrian and animal lover herself, the owner of Chiron Massage & Reiki is always willing to help out the equine and animal community.  Whether it is doing talks at large stables, for 4-H animal projects, or Girl Scout troops talking about the importance of regular massages for both horses and riders, or donating time at local animal shelters, or helping zoos create an animal enrichment program involving massage therapy Thereasa is willing help.

Thereasa is also a supporter of our military.  Coming from a long line of military veteran's, she has seen the importance of massage therapy for our veterans, and is a proud partner of Hands for Heroes.  Because Thereasa is such an animal lover, she is also extending the Hands for Heroes service to our nations service animals.  These animals are by our soldiers side through thick and thin and deserve just as much recognition as our soldiers.  Please contact Thereasa for more information.

Payment is due at the time of services.  We gladly accept cash, checks, credit/debit card, Health Savings Account (HSA), and gift certificates.

I thought I’d been getting deep tissue massages all these years until a got Thereasa’s. What a difference!! The best.

Thomas - May 2018

Thereasa has strong hands and great knowledge. I came in for deep tissue massage for some pain that reasserts itself from time to time that really disables me. I needed a therapist who wasn't afraid to stick her elbows in to make those muscles release, and that's what I got. The space itself is comfortable and Thereasa goes right to work there. I'm sore but the pain that brought me there is fading.

Megan - February 2018

Had my first ever massage today. Theresa was great and worked happily on all my knots and kinks. She explained some of the tightness and pain I was experiencing and tried to help with any problem areas. As a sufferer of tendinitis and Carpel tunnel I was expecting my symptoms to be heightened after the massage. I am pleased that I have less pain and numbness in my hands than I went in with. The atmosphere was peaceful and she was a pleasure to chat with. I'll definitely be back and I encourage everyone to try it.

Christina - December 2017

Thereasa was awesome! She fixed a pinched nerve in my back and I was able to finish up the rest of the work I had lined up for the day.

David - December 2017

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Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

I have been a client of Theresa since November 2015. I have 3 bulging disks. I was off work for 2 1/2 months before getting a referral to Theresa. She has been the BEST referral I have ever received! I was back to work in about 6 weeks. Not only is she very professional, she is the BEST massage therapist I have been to, I have been to several. She keeps me functioning. I am a regular client of Theresa's. Make an appointment you to can make the best decision of your life!

Cathleen - May 2016

I have to say, after continuing massage therapy for the past couple weeks with Thereasa, I am progressing very well. While the conventional physical therapy leaves me hurting more when I leave than when I walk in, Massage therapy leaves me walking out feeling much better than when I walked in...every time. I've gotten completely away from using the back brace now and find I'm using my cane less and less every day. I'm just amazed at the speed of my recovery this time around. The last two times I had back surgery, I didn't recover this fast and those surgeries were minor compared with this one. I'm regaining more and more feeling in my legs after each massage session and the leg pain doesn't come back as hard or often as before. Thereasa really knows what she's doing!!!

Curtis - June 2014