Santa Monica Cradle to Career
Making a difference together.


Helping children and families in our community thrive.

This effort is brought to you by a network of passionate partners and stakeholders committed to the development of Santa Monica’s youth – from birth to adulthood.

A child's development starts before birth and lasts through the transition into self-sufficiency and adulthood. Each transition point is critical to a person's success in school and beyond.

We are working together to answer 2 key questions:
How are children in Santa Monica doing? What can we do to help them succeed?


Get the services you need – today.

Our Program Finder makes locating and using available resources simple. Find child care, job training, substance abuse support, and more based on age or stage of life, location, and even language.

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Get involved. Help children thrive.

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The Youth Wellbeing Report Card is more than a report. It's a call to action.

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Striving for success – collectively.

Whether you provide services and resources, wish to strengthen the relationship between schools and the community, or are part of a family in Santa Monica, we all share the common goal of empowering our youth and helping them succeed.

Find out how you can get involved or take advantage of the resources we provide.


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