Youth Wellbeing
Report Card

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How are children in Santa Monica doing?

What can we do to help them thrive?

Wellbeing is characterized by feeling empowered, happy, healthy, and connected to your community. From the cradle to the first day of their career, youth are maturing and developing.

Young people who are prepared for school, confident, healthy, and secure are more likely to be ready to enter the workforce and be productive, happy, and well-adjusted members of our community.


Santa Monica Youth Wellbeing Report Card 


About this Report Card.

This report card dives deep into the strengths and challenges faced by children in our community and serves as a snapshot of our children’s wellbeing in four key goal areas:

  • Learning & School Achievement

  • Physical Health & Development

  • Social Skills & Confidence

  • Emotional Maturity & Mental Health

The Santa Monica Cradle to Career network will continue to monitor these data points, and others, over the next several years.



Learning & School Achievement

School preparedness, consistent access to quality education, critical thinking skills, positive adult relationships, and social/emotional wellbeing are the keys to success in school.

To support the SMMUSD Three-Pronged Approach to Excellence through Equity and maximize opportunities to build partnerships to support equity, click on SMMUSD.ORG.

Does your child need extra support in school? Click on FIND SERVICES to search for programs and services that meet your specific needs!



Physical Health & Development

Access to healthcare and good nutrition, strong physical fitness levels, and low youth crime rates are key indicators of the physical wellbeing of our youth.

To support with increasing readiness for fine motor and gross motor skills and help prepare your child for kindergarten, click on CDC.GOV.

Interested in local programs? Click on FIND SERVICES to search for programs and services that meet your specific needs!



Behavioral Health & Wellness

Developing the ability to build and maintain healthy social connections is critical for confidence and success in school, at work, and in life. Similarly, mental health and emotional security directly impacts all other wellbeing factors.

Navigating mental health resources is complex and needs to be more easily understood and accessible. To join the Behavioral Health Workgroup, click on BEHAVIORAL HEALTH.

Need resources to help build your child’s confidence? Worried about your child’s mental health or possible alcohol/substance use? Click on FIND SERVICES to search for programs and services that meet your specific needs!


Using Data to Drive Change


The model set by Santa Monica Cradle to Career to use meaningful data and collective impact to drive action directly inspired Santa Monica’s Wellbeing Project—a revolutionary effort to re-engineer the way local government makes decisions, sets policies, develops programs, and allocate resources through the lens of the health and wellbeing of community members of all ages. At the center of the Wellbeing Project is the Wellbeing Index, a new tool combining multiple types of data to form a genuine understanding of the strengths and challenges faced by residents.

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California Healthy Kids Survey

This report provides the detailed results for each question from the Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District’s 2017-18 California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS). The CHKS is not just a standalone instrument but a data collection system that districts can customize to meet local needs and interests.

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