Social and Emotional Wellbeing


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Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Mental health is an important aspect of youth development but is sadly often overlooked. We’re committed to making sure that no child feels isolated or as though help is out of reach. Check out some of the programs we have established to help us achieve this goal.

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Behavioral Health Workgroup

The Behavioral Health Workgroup was established in early 2017 to address the high rates of substance abuse and depression among SMMUSD students, particularly those in high school. The group is comprised of mental health and substance abuse service providers, parents/caregivers, community leaders, the SMMUSD Mental Health Counseling Coordinator, and City of Santa Monica Youth and Families Analysts.

The group’s current priorities include:

· Developing a mental health awareness campaign for students and parents

· Improving substance abuse services available to students and increasing opportunities for substance abuse education for parents and caregivers

· Reducing barriers to access for behavioral health services for students and parents

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Vulnerable Youth and Families Workgroup

The Vulnerable Youth and Families Workgroup was established in early 2017 to evaluate programming and policies that impact the needs of the City’s vulnerable youth and families.

The group’s current priorities include:

· Align with SMMUSD’s Excellence Through Equity Plan

· Expand awareness and utilization of Child and Youth Resource Team Programming

· Assess current state of youth wellbeing through continued data collection and focus groups

· Align in- and out-of-school activities

· Provide recommendations to partner institutions on improving programming and policies to support the City’s vulnerable youth and families

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Child and Youth Resource Team (CYRT) Overview

The Child and Youth Resource Teams provide assertive and clinical case management to vulnerable youth and families in Santa Monica. Once a child/youth is identified as needing case management, a referral is made to the appropriate agency based on his or her age. Once a child/youth is enrolled in services, they will receive an assessment, clinical social workers will develop a comprehensive intervention plan, and referrals and linkages will be made to any additional required services (i.e. housing, childcare, employment support, mental health).


The Youth Wellbeing Report Card is more than a report. It's a call to action.

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